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Birthdate:Sep 26
Location:California, United States of America
I am the voice of the microprocessor for the Knight Industries Two Thousand. K.I.T.T. for easy reference, 'KITT' if you prefer. I am currently housed in the body of an automobile, the aforementioned Knight Industries Two Thousand.

Any questions?

KITT, The Knight Industries Two Thousand, Michael Knight, KARR, etc., etc., etc., ... - and the Knight Rider universe, yes, the whole KITT'n'caboodle - were created by Glen A. Larson and are copyrighted to Universal/MCA.

I do not own this character. No copyright infringement is intended nor implied, and no profit is being made from this journal.

Kitt's human PB (when in use!) is Nick Bryant, with whom I am not affiliated in any way. Sadly. Okay, fine. That link no longer works. But I'm keeping it, just in case. Here's a new one: Nick Bryant. Whom I'm STILL not affiliated with in any way.

The icons in this journal are used with the permission of their creators and are credited to them. Most of the icons of Kitt's human PB were created specifically for this journal, or by friends of the mun and used with permission for this journal. Those created by [profile] hollow_art are free for the taking; the rest are not.

(Mun and Muse are way over 18. And I hope it would be obvious that I'm not actually an AI or a car.)

Interests (22):

astronomy, chess, classical music, driving, finding my way in the world, industrial music, literary fiction, making new friends, metal music, my little pony, poetry, progressive music, reading, reading about popular science, reading scientific treatises, science fiction, star trek, stargazing, supernatural, talking with people, video blackjack, video poker
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